Life is lemons...
love your lemonade!


I collaborate with people who are committed to making a difference in their lives and seek to achieve personal joy and triumph.  My coaching optimizes the performance of mind, body, and soul so we can maximize results while embracing the process. Action oriented and mindful goal setting is a powerful blend that inspires personal excellence.

aliCia Robertson

I am a Life Coach (certified through the Centre of Applied Neuroscience) and am passionate about helping people to be their best self and achieve their intentions. I listen, share, support and empower people through their ever-evolving life – the journey!

My journey to live my best life is ever-evolving. From single life to family life and motherhood, from corporate world to working for myself each step has required new learning, conscious choice and self-discovery.

Life has tested the conviction of my values and practice when my marriage ended. Though some of my darkest moments it was also a deeply transformative time that has re-connected me with my most authentic self and has set the stage for my next chapter in life. I have a deep understanding for the value of knowing absolutely who I am and how I want to live.

I thrive when I can connect with people, share my passion and inspire innovation. I have done this time and time again in my education, professional career, and personal life. I spent the first part of my professional life supporting the rapid growth of a start-up real estate business. Now I share my authentic self as a consciously positive coach who aspires to support people to live life with energized intention.

These are my lemons and my lemonade is in the mix!


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One TO one coaching

One to one ongoing coaching identifies your goals and opportunities for positive change. Blending results and mindful strategy you will be supported to create an action plan for progressive accomplishments.

group coaching

Discovery model where an intensive program is designed to identify goals and opportunities for positive change so that there is a total plan to go away and implement independently. This can be for an aligned group purpose or for individual purpose within a group theme. You are supported with one to one follow-up and coaching as necessary.



Individual or group workshops that share the benefits of mindfulness through the introduction of a variety of mindful tools that support a sustainable and conscious way to live with greater balance.



My mind was a chaotic, directionless swirl of ideas, concepts, hopes, desires, dreams, and intentions. What I love about Alicia is that she took the time to get to know me and helped me sort out what was important to me and helped me clarify my goals and directions.

My mind is no longer a swirling mass of chaos. I am more productive, relaxed, and in control. I highly recommended Alicia’s services to anyone who needs a little (or big) nudge in the right direction.    - Ana

I first met Alicia during a period of time where I was contemplating a career change. It felt like there was just too much job for the time I had, while also attempting to juggle family life with young kids.

The job I felt like I needed to escape, with her help, suddenly felt manageable and empowering. Alicia's encouraging personality and collection of organizational tool sets truly make her a wonderful asset when you are seeking change in your life. I could not recommend her more highly!  - Daniel